Hello lovely, I’m Charlotte Pointeaux

Intuitive Certified Life Coach,

Sacred Sister Circle Holder,

Trained Youth Mentor,


Author of '10-Steps to Sacred Self-Care for Mamas'

I passionately support both women & girls

to feel their most empowered, radiant, powerful selves

who feel truly able to shine & be proud of all they are

as girls, as womxn, and as mothers/carers.

It's an honour to welcome you...


Intuitive Certified Life Coach...

Charlotte is a soulful, heart-centred Certified Intuitive Life Coach guiding you mama, to find your true self and love your life beyond motherhood. 

You deserve a powerfully aligned, inspiring life that lights you up. A life that flows easily and has you springing out of bed each day. 

I'm here to guide you to your most soul-inspired, self-loving, rich and vibrant life - Imagine that!

Sister Circles...

I curate beautiful spaces for soulful women to gather and nurture their souls through spiritual practice and self-care, surrounded by the love and kindness of beautiful-hearted women. 


This is Sisterhood 2.0

Join us in our sacred monthly circle held in the beautiful bush of the Southern Highlands NSW!

'10 Steps To Sacred Self-Care'

This beautifully designed 40-page E-Book equips you with wisdom, ideas and tools to prioritise soulful and sacred self-care rituals that truly nourish you.

"Charlotte is the coach every Mama needs. This book gives you the permission and confidence to put yourself first so you have the energy, patience & love to care for you and your family. A must read!"

- Sara Dobson, Best Birth Co.

Girls Coach...

I hold beautiful circles just for girls to tune into & celebrate their 

individual and collective power as wise, strong, intuitive young women.


In a special, safe space we delve into ways we can flourish in today's world whilst supporting each other, and dare to own our uniqueness. 

Gift your daughter self-belief to last her a lifetime...

On the Blog...

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