Welcome, I'm Charlotte

As a soulful coach, I guide womxn to connect with and celebrate your divine feminine magick, wisdom, and sovereignty through cycle awareness, sacred self-care and transformational coaching. 


My work is all about honouring the duality within you, and empowering you to nurture your own inner Magick Mama / Sovereign Womxn.

My mission is to hold sacred space for you to explore your deepest desires, to transform through sacred self-care, and to claim your own fierce personal power within.

You're here because you're searching for:

  • Tools to support you to feel more resilient in your day to day life, as the mother, partner, professional and all-round amazing, divine human that you are,

  • Alignment with what matters to you, who you truly are beyond the roles you fill, your natural gifts and personal power,

  • Connection with womxn who have the capacity to see you, hear you, and support you,

  • Guidance on how to tune into your body’s wisdom, intuition,  and flow for greater ease, abundance, and wellbeing,

  • Your own personal sovereign power and capacity to put your needs, dreams, passions, wellbeing and life at the heart of your lifestyle and choices,  

  • Your identity. It feels like you've lost sight of who YOU truly are, deep down, the you that exists beyond mothering, working and responsibility. And I don't mean the old you either - because we both know that motherhood changed you and you couldn't go back through the portal to the old you if you tried. Nor should you. But now you're living a life you hadn't quite anticipated, and you know there has to be more - more pleasure, more fulfilment, more YOU! It's just that you're unsure of who you truly are at your essence, and how to integrate all the parts of you with what you truly want and deserve to have out of life. This happy, vibrant, grounded, sovereign queen you is bursting to emerge. She's ready to be seen and thrive.

So the question is, are you ready to receive all of this? 


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