Get to know Charlotte

Making memories with my growing young family,

Deep heart-to-heart conversations with treasured, trusted friends,

 Sleeping in, hot baths fragrant with essential oils, and yoga


 Lying on grass, eyes closed, savouring the warmth of the summer sun, and feeling so refreshed + alive after diving under crystal clear waves at the beach. 

Travel and adventure,

Sisterhood, female empowerment, and making a difference in my community,

Crystals, candles, and magical rituals,

Authenticity and connection, 

Oh and chocolate - let's not forget chocolate...


This is what matters most to me.


I know it now, but truth-be-told it took a years of floating along in life before soul-searching led me to discover this, and before I could create a beautiful life that aligns with my own dreams, intuition, goals and truest values.


And now I'm there, it feels like magic, it's like all the elements are finally falling into place... and it feels... really wonderful, a relief, and deeply fulfilling.

So what led you here, you ask?

Well, in mid-2017 me, my husband, our just turned 2 year-old plus newborn upped sticks and left Sydney for the spaciousness, slower pace and nature of the Southern Highlands. We were in search of more than we could have in the city: more time, less stress, more of a family home, more countryside and fresh air, and the opportunity to do more of the things we loved. We were excited, optimistic, and so pleased that we had the guts to follow our instincts and take the plunge. 


But unexpectedly, the year that followed was for me a very challenging time which changed my outlook on life deeply. I was one person at the start of it, and by the end of that year I'd grown profoundly and discovered a vastly different person on the inside just waiting to bloom. 


Within just months of moving I received a stage 2/3 melanoma diagnosis which required surgery and put my heart in my mouth about my long-term health and questioning who would mother my babies if I wasn't there. I experienced painful family conflict which prompted a huge amount of internal reflection, tough decision-making, and personal growth. I experienced some deep lows, and found myself overwhelmed by all that had occurred within the shortest space of time. And what's more, I had only a brief time left until the end of my maternity leave and knew deep in my heart that I really didn't want to go back.


Suddenly, my grasp of what life was all about, and what was most important to me was all turned on its head.  was giving all of myself away to anyone who needed me without prioritising my own well-being like women so often do, and feeling bone-tired , resentful and lacking in self-care or self-respect. I felt so lost, unsure of what my purpose was, questioning why I'm really here. It was my turning point.

A life that celebrates love, joy, and empowers me to embrace my feminine wisdom and reconnect to myself as a divine woman. 


One where I could be the mother I always dreamt of being: fulfilled, present, and capable, and where the children get the best of me, and I them. 

Where the weekends are joyful, restful, pleasing, and Sunday-dread doesn't exist because come Monday, I'll be diving deep into meaningful, soulful, intuitively-guided work that doesn't feel like work at all, and


Where I feel fully free to follow my passions, discover my purpose, get to explore, learn and grow, and uncover deeper meaning. 

I didn't want to run around pleasing other people anymore, sacrificing my values and personal boundaries, giving all the time. I didn't want to feel like I was always on-the-go, constantly exhausted, drained, empty, forced to live in the fast masculine world of hustle, action, and striving. 


I wanted to connect with people, and very specifically, with women. I had this deep yearning for female connection, for feminine wisdom, but couldn't quite work out how to tune into it. 


And I was painfully frustrated with the conditioning that makes it so guilt-inducing for mothers to create time and space to prioritise and delight in our own self-care, desires, needs, and emotions. 

Surely there's a better way?!

I began reading, researching, opening myself up and growing in new ways. I discovered inspiring books, podcasts, and thought-provoking leaders that encouraged my questioning, and for the first time I felt hope that there could be more, and I could actually have it! Little lights bursting on. I was on my way to really tuning back into my deeper self. My soul. My true being. Who I really am, what really matters to me and what I was put on this earth to be. 

It really wasn't long until a chance discussion with a friend asked me what my favourite job I'd ever had was. I knew it immediately. I was mentoring, coaching and training young adults to harness all that they were as they stepped out from university life into this big wide world. The students were shown how to celebrate their skills, their passions, and all their life experiences to carve out their futures.


I talked passionately about that job, but reflected on how I hadn't been able to find any similar work once I left my native UK for Sydney. My friend soon suggested I could absolutely create my own business to do just the work I wanted, and she put me onto the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training immediately. And just like that, as if by some cosmic force greater than myself, suddenly the training program opened for the first time in several months! 

I was in love with my studies. I had a sudden vision for my future, a way to serve, and use my passion to create a real difference. And a beautiful community of other mentors cheerleading me and holding space for me as I discovered more of myself in that course. 

I had been looking for deeper meaning for SO LONG but had never found it.

I hadn't really known where to look for it.


It took me crashing down and hitting every bump on the way for me to finally demand better, put loving boundaries into place for what I was prepared to tolerate, and to work hard to craft the loving life I had always imagined was out there, somewhere. 


It was the start of my awakening, and of my new life, the one I had always wanted. It wasn't an easy road, full of surprises, big challenges, and tears, but it would be SO worth it. 

I was on fire at that point. 


I tuned so deeply into my desire to connect with other women and to be the role-model I wish I'd had as a young girl, that within weeks I had founded Sister Souls which represents to me the sisterhood and the belief that we are all one, connected, together, here to support and champion each other. To overcome the entrenched patriarchal ways in which girls are taught from such a young age that her success is your failing, and that girls must compete to survive. Be gone with that!!


I wanted to create beautifully heart-centred spaces for girls and women to gather and cherish the divine feminine in each of us, and to re-learn that we are all in this together.

Soon after I also completed Mitle Southey's Circle School and immediately began holding incredible Sister Circles in my local town to bring soulful, deep-hearted women together. This incredible 3 days of sitting in circle with powerful women cracked me open more than I could imagine. The art of Circles and holding sacred space will now forever be an intrinsic part of who I am and what I do. The power of circle is unmistakeable. 


Roll on another few months and I'm beyond excited to be almost finished with my training to become a certified Beautiful You Life Coach. I am beyond in love with working 1-1 with incredible women as their intuitive coach and empowering them to tune into their deepest desires to grow self-love, self-compassion and discover their own feminine wisdom and intuition. I love watching my clients craft an incredible life for themselves full of deep love, bright joy, potent meaning and soulful purpose. 

Sister Souls is truly burning brightly, it's own soul is shining through, it's mission to empower women and girls to boldly be just who they are, knowing that they are each SO enough, just as they are.


I am deeply honoured and privileged to hold space for incredible souls to uncover and celebrate their deepest desires, their truth, and to never dim their light. The world needs empowered women and girls who aren't afraid to live brightly and intensely, to be true to who they are, and to raise each other, their sisters, onwards and upwards. 

©2019 by Sister Souls Coaching

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