made just for you by Charlotte:


GIFT 1: A super helpful, beautifully designed and intuitive cycle tracker chart. 

Tune into your individual potent feminine power and wisdom! Learn to love your whole self, not just your best self.


GIFT 2: A beautiful grounding meditation recorded by me, for you.

Take 10 minutes when you're in need of a reminder to slow, breathe, and get out of your busy, stressed, over-thinking head. Ground back down to your body and mama earth to find calm, peace, and be able to change the pace & how you approach the rest of your day.

GIFT 3: 15% off "10 Steps To Sacred Self-Care For Mamas" E-Book! 

Yep, because I love having you here, I'm gifting you a very special subscriber-only gift code to get your copy of my gorgeous 40-page guide to creating sacred self-care that suits you. The guide makes your life more joy-filled and gives you 10 practical, simple, and quick self-care tools to THRIVE! Subscribe now to receive this very special gift code.


PLUS receive the latest invitations, musings & self-care tools from Sister Souls.


As a subscriber you'll automatically receive new gifts, such as incredibly special offers on my coaching package 'Magic Mama' with me, tickets to events, and you'll be first to hear about limited opportunities as they're released. Plus you'll be informed when I release new tools, resources and blog posts.


I love sharing all this with you - thank you for being a part of my world, and for allowing me in to yours!  

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