Hey 2020, what a wild ride so far...


So much change in the world as we know it.

Who knows what else this year will bring?

We've had bushfires, floods, and now a global pandemic to contend with. 


The kids are home from school.

Work is drying up for so many,

Holidays, catchups and all activities are off. 

And toilet paper is like gold dust!

What was already a very full life

just got a whole lot more chaotic.


You're physically distancing or isolated,

You're trying to work from home with kids around,

And suddenly you're supposed to be homeschooling and entertaining kids 24/7!!

Not surprisingly, any opportunity for meaningful self-care time, 

a precious, sacred moment just for you

feels almost impossible to come by.



And so, my question to you is:

If your current reality was impossible to conceive of a few short weeks ago,

yet here we are, living the 'new normal'...

What could be possible for you in your wildest dreams, 

if you really wanted it?

What if the impossible really is possible, if you could just believe in your ability to bring it to life?

Let's imagine here for a second...

How would it feel to wake up and live life on your terms?

To live a life aligned to what matters most to you & your core values?

What if you could live in daily devotion to your own sacred self-care,
and had beautiful, soulful, simple tools & an easy way to remember to actually do it each day,
even with kids present?


While we're at it, let me ask you:

What do you deep-down dream of & desire for yourself?


What if this pandemic shows us that anything is possible, and now is in fact a

HUGE  opportunity for you to start again? 

I mean, the rulebook has already been ripped up...

There are no rules anymore.

So why not dream big,


and write our own, more fulfilling, more conscious, more joy-filled

intentions to live by?

Who needs rules, anyway?

Too much has changed.


If this resonates, then I invite you to breathe deep into your wisdom, your knowing,

and remember what you were born to this Earth to do,

and to just do it. 

How about, instead of going back to the old world order,

you take this opportunity with both hands & your whole being, and

you claim what was always yours: the right to live the life you dream of.

To ​pursue what really lights you up. 

To find alignment with your soul gifts, your magick, and be devoted to your sacred self-care. 

To re-imagine what might be possible for you. 

And you’re realising that right now is probably the best time to do this work.

Carpe diem!


You feel in your bones it's possible, but you just don't know where to start. 

You're just not quite sure what you truly dream of, because the dreams still feel out of reach, impossible.

There's too much other stuff happening for you to find quiet alone time to prioritise you. 

You're lacking clarity, confidence, and encouragement.

Luckily, that's where I come in!




'Crystal Clear'​ 

A unique 1 month activation experience.

Get Crystal Clear on:

... What you most deeply desire for yourself & what actionable steps you can take towards it.

... How to practice meaningful, sacred self-care that is simple, soulful & supportive to you,

... Your soul gifts that you'd love to share with the world,


Activate your inner knowing, creativity and confidence as you pivot towards a fulfilling, joyful, and empowering life that lights up your soul. 


Our sacred coaching container includes:

For you to complete and return to me before we get started.
This helps us both get clear on what's missing from your life,
what your soul gifts might be, what self-care looks like to you right now,
and how you dream of showing up in the world.
The perfect opening ceremony to your coaching experience.
 In this time we'll connect as sacred partners in this journey & explore your Clarity Questionnaire to uncover magickal insights into what's waiting to unfold for you.
I'll share a grounding meditation and Oracle guidance with you for bonus support.
A sacred opportunity for heartfelt, ecstatic dreaming.
Together we'll craft heartfelt, soulful and deeply potent goals that ignite your inner magick,
inspire beautiful self-love, and make your heart flutter,
and set some practical action steps for you to take towards realising your vision.
Receive loving yet solid encouragement as you take each step forward, 
knowing that you're so supported on this journey. 
My beautiful, in-depth guide to creating personalised, simple sacred self-care practices that restore you.
Understand what sacred self-care is beyond the fluff, discover your self-care archetype, and be supported as you dig into true self-devotion.
Featuring meditations, journal prompts, pages of self-care ritual ideas,
how to create sacred space for yourself, affirmations, and a comprehensive guide
to living in alignment with your true feminine, cyclical flowing nature
for optimal wellness throughout the month.
You'll receive this book after your 90 minute inspired vision session, because I just KNOW that prioritising your own sacred self-care will be an essential part of your intention for yourself.
And even better - I am on hand until your final session to support you to explore your own sacred self-care practice that suits you. With my guidance you'll learn to create something that sticks, and works!
A chance to share your progress & achievements, and receive additional guidance
through your challenges and opportunities.
2-3 weeks after your visioning session we'll gather to check-in with your journey so far.
You'll receive guidance and coaching where you need it, to set you up with confidence, clarity and a roadmap so that you can continue working towards a balanced life of alignment, magick and clarity!
Additional practical and loving support including:
Unlimited email and Voxer support directly from me in between sessions.
My Crystal Clear meditation and affirmation for you to download.
Relevant digital resources and products to support you.

Your Investment


(or pay 2 x $210 AUD fortnightly instalments).

 "Charlotte helped me realise that loving boundaries need creating in order to find balance. While I was pushed far out of my comfort zone, Charlotte was there to guide and support me while I made the big changes that were required to improve both my personal and business life. ​Charlotte has an ability to make you feel instantly comfortable and heard. She holds space for you without judgement and connects wholeheartedly.

I am more confident, assertive, thoughtful & compassionate towards others AND myself."


Cass Wallace,

Business Owner and Mama 

Hey lovely, I see you. 

You’ve read all there is to read, but yet, you’re holding back from taking the next step and tapping that button to get in touch.

Why not reach out and ask me any lingering questions you might have?

With your hand on your heart, I believe you know you want in, but you're just not sure

you can make real change for yourself. 

I know it's possible. I've experienced it for myself. 

And now I'm here to gift you the same life-changing magick.

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