Girls Mentoring

Giving your girl the tools, knowledge and confidence to love themselves, build nurturing friendships, thrive in school, and shine throughout life beyond.

Charlotte Pointeaux is a trained Youth Mentor through the Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training program

It can be a wild ride, the adolescent years, with so much opportunity for change, disconnection, and new discoveries. Research* found that between the ages of 8-14, girls lose confidence by as much as 30% due to increased pressure to avoid failure and stress, and girls lose confidence in how liked they are by friend of upto 50%! Girls are 20% less confident than boys - a gap which doesn't recover over time.

And when teens hit 14 years of age, they instinctively begin searching for their tribe, and they now look to their friends for guidance, advice, and belonging instead of their parents. It's a time when families adjust, teens start asserting their independence and making their own decisions. It can be a period of stress as families find new norms and ways of connecting.

This is when we need our village, the circle of trusted, caring, responsible adult influences to nurture our teens through their decision-making, building personal relationships, and connecting in with themselves + their loved ones.

I founded Sister Souls Coaching to deliver heart-centred empowerment workshops for girls, aiming to build confidence, resilience, a strong sense of self and to equip girls with simple tools to use daily as they navigate school, friendships, family life and journey through adolescence and beyond.

Private 1 on 1 Mentoring

for your daughter

Did you know that I am available to work 1 on 1 with your daughter as her private mentor? 

A bit like coaching for girls....

Are you seeking a trusted, non-judgmental and trained adult to hold space for your teenager - someone outside of the family and school who isn't telling them what to do, who can create a safe space to listen, encourage and help to find meaning and direction?
Let me hold a safe space for your teen to work with me through whatever is most meaningful for them. As a trained youth mentor and life coach I'm here to guide, empower and encourage them to follow their heart, set their own goals and create their own action.
Alternatively it might be more about me being able to listen to your daughter and hold a loving, non-judgemental space for her to talk about her feelings, experiences, concerns, fears or dreams in a more nurturing, less goal-oriented way. As a trained youth mentor I'm able to hold space this way in 100% confidentiality to offer empowering support that doesn't feel or work like therapy.
Sister Souls Coaching founder Charlotte Pointeaux offers a very limited number of private 1 on 1 mentoring spaces to work with individual teens to go deeper into building their confidence beyond a group workshop. 
If this sounds like something you and your teen might benefit from, then as a trained youth mentor and Life Coach I can offer you 6 x 1h mentoring series to do just that. 

“Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship between a young person and a caring individual who offers guidance, support and encouragement" - National Youth Mentoring Benchmarks, 2007

Whats involved?

I offer over 6 x 1h sessions:

  • What's going on for them: Understanding and unpacking how your teen is really feeling right now, including a look at identifying what / who brings them stress and joy, discussing friendships (and frenemies), challenging situations and pressures, 

  • Setting a self-care plan to empower your teen to map out ways of building joy and reducing negative influences in their lives, to build confidence, and to provide your teen with easy to use tools to help them find clarity, calm and to feel grounded in a full life, 

  • Setting specific, heart-centred and values-led goals to help them move forward with intelligent decision-making in line with their true values,

  • Accountability: creating a strategy to empower them to monitor their own progress and accountability, to help them stay focused and progress towards achieving their goals, eg study or sporting goals, 

  • Endless encouragement, holding safe space for them to open up and discuss whatever they need to reflect on, 

  • Celebrating their wins and achievements, and helping them build a focused love for achieving. 

  • Empowering your teen to build strong self-love so that they can admire and celebrate all that they are, knowing they are truly enough, and are deserving of joy, great friends, health and happiness. 


These sessions can be held in person, locally around the Southern Highlands (at a cafe with refreshments on me is my favourite!), or online via FaceTime/Zoom. The time of sessions will be decided based on our mutual availability as we go. 


Free, no-obligation consult

I offer a free consult upfront with the parent to check that this is the right solution for your teen, and that they are onboard with this process as they'll be the one putting the work in. Discussions between myself and your teen in session are confidential to ensure we build a trusting relationship, but in the event that serious disclosures are made I will be required to share this with you as the parent.


How to book on:

Firstly please email Charlotte at and I'll reply quickly to arrange time to have a chat, our consult. Once we have confirmed that this is the right process for you and your teen, I'll ask that you return to the booking page to make payment for the sessions. You can choose from a one-off payment, or a payment plan over 3 months if that suits you best. 

I really look forward to empowering your teen, and in turn, your family,


Tweens: Confidently You

A full day workshop to empower 8-10 year old girls

At the Sister Souls Tweens workshop...

  • "I learned to not be ashamed of what I look like, and I am proud of who I am"

  • "The best bit was making new friends" 

  • I learned that I am a good friend, so I can tell (my friend) when she isn't always being nice to me" 

Here's what I learned is special about me:

  • " I am calm, happy and a good friend!"

  • "I learned that I like mindfulness and face masks"

  • "I am thoughtful, brave and resilient"

The program: 

  1.  I Love All That I Am: celebrating and being proud of all that you are

  2.  I Deserve Beautiful Friendships: what makes a great friend, and how to handle 'mean girls'

  3.  I Am Beautiful Inside and Out: celebrating real, varied, natural bodies vs fake images in adverts and online 

  4. I Soothe Myself with Self-Care:  discover tools to care for yourself including mindfulness, pampering, and writing a love letter to yourself

Teens: Inspiring You

A full day workshop to empower 12-14 year old girls

At the Sister Souls Teens workshop...

  • "I learned that everyone is different - if everyone was the same the world would be boring!"

  • "The best bit was talking about school and all the fake things on social media" 

  • I learned I am a powerful person and I learned to love myself" 

Here's what I learned is special about me:

  • " I can sing, I can draw, I CAN!"

  • "Everything! I am strong, I am beautiful"

  • "Women are powerful!"

The program: 

  1.  I Love All That I Am: celebrating and being proud of all that you are

  2.  I Am Beautiful Inside and Out: celebrating real, varied, natural bodies vs fake images in adverts and online 

  3. I Soothe Myself with Self-Care:  discover tools to care for yourself including mindfulness, pampering, and writing a love letter to yourself

  4. I Present Myself Confidently To The World: the power of positive body language to make a great first impression at school and out in the big wide world!


As a trained Youth Mentor + Coach

I empower girls:

🌟 Aa a trusted, qualified practitioner holding safe space for young people to be themselves;

🌟 By providing encouragement and support, and just listen without telling anyone what they should do;

🌟 By fostering community and connection with peers from outside of family and school;

🌟 By facilitating group learning and a shared experience so that young people they aren't alone, and that many people share similar experiences;

🌟 By nurturing the whole child, particularly emotional, social, and spiritual growth outside the school system;

🌟 By observing and recognise risk factors, ensuring that referrals are made to further care if required, and

🌟 And by building protective factors in children: boost connection + community, grow talents + hobbies, nurture child-parent relationships, develop a child's strong sense of self and self-worth.

I’m super passionate about empowering young girls to know that they already have all the wisdom and ability inside them to take them on their journey into adulthood and beyond, and that they’re so deserving of love, respect, and being heard as they are today.


I can’t wait to get stuck into more workshops and circles for young girls especially, watch our events page for new opportunities, and subscribe to the Sister Souls newsletter to be the first in the know of new activities, offers, and blog posts to support you, mama, and your girl....


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