10 Steps To Sacred Self-Care for Mamas: E-Book out 3 Sep 2019!

Updated: Feb 13

By Charlotte Pointeaux, founder of Sister Souls Coaching, intuitive Certified Life Coach, Sacred Circle Holder and trained Girls Mentor.

Holy moly, I've written a book... it's been so fun to get really creative, but mostly I've been amazed by the ideas that have poured out of my head into this book, when really I didn't start off intending to write a whole book. It started off as a few worksheets and just grew from there.

But here it is - ready to share with the beautiful mamas of the world, to help you celebrate YOU and to feel really well loved, supported and empowered as a woman and mother.


Self-care includes all the ways and things we do to support our own needs, desires and wellbeing.

It's a popular term widely used to refer to anything from light-hearted treats (think bubble baths, massages, mani-pedis) down to the deeply personal ways we lovingly hold ourselves and others accountable, and the firm boundaries we set to protect our energies and emotions. It can be light and frothy, or deeply reflective and challenging, and everything in between.

For Mamas, self-care is of the utmost importance to ensure that we feel our absolute best so in turn, we can be the most loving, patient, present mamas we aspire to be. We all know just how much we give of ourselves as mums, which can be incredibly draining if we don't restore our own energy and care for ourselves lovingly and consistently. 

When I’ve coached beautiful mothers and step-mothers, their goals can be diverse, from career, money, business, health and much more. Yet at the very heart of it all, whatever the goal, what it always comes back to and is underpinned by, is a desire to feel their most self-loving possible. To feel acknowledged, cherished, really well, and to realise their incredible worth. ⁣⁣And an integral part of achieving this is achieving personalised, meaningful, and prioritised self-care. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ That’s why this book has been born. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I want you to have it all: this book is all about empowering you to feel really well and supported to create the most inspired, love-filled and purpose-led life for yourself, guilt-free. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣You deserve it mama. Truly. For the mother in you, and for the divine woman in you, who deserves to thrive in her own right. ⁣⁣

A great self-care activity meets one or more of our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and relationship needs. It's essential to create a rounded self-care plan to address each area of our wellness, rather than consistently focusing on just one or two, and to ensure that as busy mamas we don't forget to prioritise our own needs.

Sacred self-care is all about mindfully, intentionally and lovingly creating activities and rituals that nourish and restore you.

It's doing things with a clear purpose, having considered whether this is what you truly need in the moment, and then soaking up every beautiful, treasured moment as you go. It's not just another thing on your to-do list: it's a joyfully crafted moment that fills you up with love and joy, leaving you feeling really well.


How often do you 'should' yourself? You know, when you tell yourself all the things you SHOULD be doing, or the ways you SHOULD be feeling about your life?

Constant isn't it? And how guilty does that make you feel?


Well, I reckon it's time we let go of 'shoulding' ourselves, and all the expectations and pressures we load onto our already heavily burdened shoulders. How about instead, you do what actually feels great to you?

Want some alone time to just sleep? Or prefer to head out on a bush walk with the family and soak up the beautiful scenery? Or instead, do you just crave protected time to listen to a podcast, read a book or spend time journalling?

Whichever self-care style you have, know it's so ok for you to crave that, and to take the time for yourself to have this.

There's no shoulding here - self-care is all about finding what feels self-loving, nourishing and restorative to you. Whether it's alone or with your family involved, whether it's 5 minutes or a whole day, whether it's resting or super active... It's about feeling and being WELL.


This beautifully designed 40-page eBook equips you with knowledge, ideas and practical tools to prioritise simple self-care rituals that suit you, and are easy to prioritise in your busy family lifestyle.    Let go of the shoulds and obligations, and tune into what feels nourishing and restorative to you, in easy, simple ways. Find time for yourself or get your family involved, self-care doesn't have to be hard to come by - in fact I'm here to help you find beautiful and easy ways to care for your whole self: emotionally, physically, mentally, spritually, and in your social and intimate relationships. 


What's inside?

  • The importance of self-care, particularly for busy, giving, juggling mamas;

  • How to create a beautiful sacred space to unwind in and why this matters to your self-care;

  • Discover your own self-care style quiz;

  • Four pages of easy, simple and sacred self-care rituals which nourish all aspects of you: emotional, mental, physical and social/relationship wellness;

  • Create your own self-care menu, whether you have 5 minutes or a whole day. This tool helps you create your most loving, personalised plan to take the thinking & guilt out of prioritising you;

  • Your ideal week planner to help you to lock in time for self-care;Journal prompts to dig deeper into what you're tolerating, what's blocking you, and so much more. Deepen your connection to yourself and feel empowered to set firmer boundaries to better support yourself & your family;

  • Three guided audio meditations to download and listen to anytime. Each track has a different purpose, so choose which suits you in the moment, including a guided release ritual empowering you to free yourself of any limiting beliefs and make way for new positive intentions;

  • A guide to why tracking your period is so insightful, how you can harness your inner feminine powers, and how to live in amazing alignment with the four seasons of your cycle;

  • Your handy cycle tracker to unlock the secrets to your own cycle;Two pages of additional resources which inspired me: take your learning to new heights; and

  • A print and keep cheat-sheet reminding you of the 10 steps to incredible, sacred self-care! 

Download your workbook to keep forever - viewable on your computer, mobile device, or print and keep. 

And you can purchase the book for yourself, or as a thoughtful gift at www.sistersoulscoaching.com.au/shop

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