Beat Sunday dread: 5 Family Rituals For a Smooth Week

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

By Charlotte Pointeaux, Certified Womxn's Life Coach, Sacred Circle Holder and author of Simply Sacred Self-Care

It’s Sunday evening - are you feeling relaxed after a beautiful weekend, or have you got that Sunday dread kicking in now it’s back to school or work tomorrow?

Beat Sunday night dread with these tips

If you’re starting to feel tension, anxiety, or worry about Monday and the week ahead, you’re not alone - so many others get this sinking feeling too. But it’s not good for your health, so let’s talk about what we can do about it...

1) Plan ahead:

Use a diary planner to map out your activities, to-do list, and deadlines. This helps clear your mind from trying to remember everything, which just makes the stress worse. 📆

Also block out a decent window of time each day for relaxing, hobbies, whatever makes you feel good💃🏿💅🏻🧘🏻‍♀️🏐. Then you can’t forget to pause, check in with how you’re feeling and have fun!

Show your kids how to pack their school bags, lunch box and set out their uniform for tomorrow - it'll be 3 things off the to-do list straight away and will make Monday morning soooo much smoother and meltdown free.

2) Make Sunday a funday

Rather than the admin day by doing homework / chores on a Saturday instead. This leaves time for fun on a Sunday, stopping it from becoming a negative experience. It’s still the weekend! Let go of chores and prioritise being present as a family for the morning or afternoon - you'll feel fulfilled, and your kids will feel better for the connected time with you too 🙌🏻

Pamper yourself, treat yourself to some intentional TLC

3) Have an early "Selfcare Sunday night"

Make it a special ritual each week. Have a 🛁, light a 🕯 , read a 📚 . Try writing an intention for the week ahead, eg, “This week I am going to do/feel/focus on...” etc. Invite your kids to get in on this too - they'll just love the magic of it!

4) Journal

Write down how you feel, what’s on your mind. If you’re unsure, just let the pen do the work, there’s no need to overthink it. Before you know it you’ll feel soothed by having released what’s running laps around your mind. 📝

Children just love a journal. We all do! Find one for your teen with a lock and key which adds to the magic of having a safe space to pour out all of their confusing feelings. And whatever you do - resist the urge to dive in for a sneaky peek - this will crumble the trust between you faster than chocolate chip cookies last in the cupboard!

And breathe.... slowly, into your belly, to soothe your body and mind

5) Meditate

Lastly, wrap up with a beautiful soothing meditation, like a grounding meditation which is ideal to overcome anxiety, as it eases your body into feeling safe and secure for a peaceful sleep and week ahead (you can find free meditations on google or apps like Insight Timer, Buddhify, Breathe etc). A great one for kids is an app called Smiling Mind - it's simple and worded well for young people to follow along with.

And thank me for a calm evening and great night sleep later! 😴

Ahhhh and breathe..... for now it’s Sunday, savour every minute and give yourself the best start to the week possible 🙏🏻

Much love,

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