for Certified Life Coaching


"Charlotte helped me realise that loving boundaries need creating in order to find balance.


Being a people-pleaser & empath has seen me take on and accept far more than is reasonable.


My coaching sessions with Charlotte made me realise that saying 'no', taking time for myself & holding others accountable for their actions is not only ok, but completely necessary in order to live a peaceful & fulfilling life.

While I was pushed far out of my comfort zone, Charlotte was there to guide and support me while I made the big changes that were required to improve both my personal and business life.

Charlotte has an ability to make you feel instantly comfortable and heard. She holds space for you without judgement and connects wholeheartedly.


I am more confident, assertive, thoughtful & compassionate towards others AND myself."

- Cass Wallace, 

Business Owner and Mama

“Coaching with Charlotte has been an empowering, life-changing and transformative experience.


Before working with Charlotte, I felt so stuck in old patterns of self-sabotage and perfectionism, I wasn’t living to my full potential and I really felt like I needed some help to move forward. I was a little tentative about what to expect, but by the end of the first session I felt a real sense of possibility and purpose, and I really felt like I trusted Charlotte and the process.


Having completed my coaching experience with Charlotte I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel elated, powerful, and have a sense of mastery over my life having successfully accomplished my professional study goal as a result of coaching. Personally, the biggest change for me is that I’m committed, focused, happy, and living in authentic alignment with my values - I feel on fire!


I can't thank Charlotte enough for her support, guidance, warmth, nurturing and wisdom, and for connecting me to some fantastic resources that have been beneficial to my personal growth.”


 - Nicole Blaik

"Coaching with Charlotte is a transformational and powerful experience – she made a real impact on me. I had a gut feeling I needed to work with Charlotte, and I got so much from it. Having worked with a coach before, I found Charlotte’s approach to be more feminine, so I didn’t need to be in my masculine and push for things to change. I could flow and allow the energy to shift with ease and joy.


Before coaching I was an exhausted mother who felt there was not enough time for my creative work and self-care, my relationship was struggling, and I felt hopeless in my financial situation. I’ve definitely developed a much more positive relationship with money now and abundance is flowing more freely in my life in all areas. My partner said I’m more in my power and I feel that too: I’m less needy of him for my self-worth.


Now I value and honour myself and my sacred creative work, and I prioritise my self-care. I feel more deeply connected to myself and I am empowered with tools to deepen my ability to listen to what my body is communicating. It’s been an incredible experience."


- Candice Storey. 

for the book

"Simply Sacred Self-Care"


"If you’re like me you are probably sleep deprived, running on empty and the idea of carving out some self-care/“me” time is about as likely as a trip to Jupiter, then this beautiful guide and e-book has your name on it! 


Thought provoking, gentle and educational (check out her moon cycle section - every woman should know this), Charlotte is the coach every Mama needs. This book gives you the permission and confidence to put yourself first so you have the energy, patience and love to care for you and your family. A must read!"


- Sara Dobson, BEST BIRTH CO.

for Mother + Daughter Circles

"My daughter Izzy and I recently had the wonderful experience of sitting in a Mother-Daughter circle with Charlotte from 'Sister Souls'. It was our first circle together and Charlotte made the whole experience from start to finish, just perfect.


Just like every other mother I know, I lead a very busy life. As mothers, our jobs seem so task orientated. Being so busy, I often feel I am talking at Izzy and I don’t get enough time to talk to her. Sitting in circle with Charlotte gave us this missing time together to cherish.


Sitting in circle with your daughter is a gift to your relationship. It is a break from the day to day routine, a safe space to share stories, dreams and desires, beautiful rituals to delight over, and a wonderful way to show your daughter that you care deeply about your relationship. It’s only two hours but it’s enough to recharge your souls, rekindle your connection and realign your intentions together.


Being a part of Sister Souls Mother Daughter circle made Izzy feel extremely special, she has thanked me multiple times since and has already marked the next circle date in her diary!! She especially loved the candle lighting ritual and the hand massage and has already picked out her special crystal to bring to the next circle. Thank you Charlotte for creating such a wonderful ritual for busy Mums and precious Daughters. It’s lovely to know that Izzy and I have something special that is just ours to share."


- Suzie & Izzy x


for Womxn's Sacred Circles

"Chicken soup for the soul"
- Bernadette
"It was so wonderful to be surrounded by amazing like minded women, all sharing the same desire to connect. I feel very honored to be at the beginning of this wonderful circle journey and I’m ready to dive in next month! Thank you."
- Suzie
“Charlotte’s Sister Circles gave me a place and space to hit the pause button on life and tune in to myself .... my feelings, thoughts, needs, hopes, fears and dreams. I always left our sessions feeling relaxed, lighter, balanced, hopeful and most importantly, connected - to my inner-self, the other women in circle and the divine power of sisterhood that comes with honest sharing.”
- Lauren

"My time in Charlotte’s circle is always reflective, insightful and deeply connected. The warm, loving and thoughtful space she creates is unlike anything else. Spending time to nurture myself while being surrounded by women in a beautiful safe space is exactly what I need each month to fill my cup."

- Kylie

for Girls Workshops

"Dear Charlotte,
I just wanted to say the BIGGEST thank you!!
Elizabeth had the best day yesterday and has non-stopped talked about it and seems to have taken so much away from the day. I have also been asked about doing it again when you run your next one. Thank you so very much again for the girls amazing day."
"I learned to not be ashamed of what I look like, and I am proud of who I am" -
Tween girl participant
"The best bit was making new friends" -
Tween girl participant
"I learned that I am a good friend, so I can tell (my friend) when she isn't always
being nice to me" -
Tween girl participant
"I learned that everyone is different - if everyone was the same the world would be boring!"-
Teen girl participant
"The best bit was talking about school and all the fake things on social media"-
Teen girl participant
"I learned I am a powerful person and I learned to love myself" -
Teen girl participant
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