"If you’re like me you are probably sleep deprived, running on empty and the idea of carving out some self-care/“me” time is about as likely as a trip to Jupiter, then this beautiful guide and e-book has your name on it!


Thought provoking, gentle and educational (check out her moon cycle section - every woman should know this), Charlotte is the coach every Mama needs. This book gives you the permission and confidence to put yourself first so you have the energy, patience and love to care for you and your family. A must read!"


- Sara Dobson, BEST BIRTH CO.



Sacred self-care goes way beyond the fluff. Forget pampering and bubble baths - sacred self-care is all about practical, simple yet soulful tools you can use to support  and soothe your holistic wellbeing, including your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual self. 


For Mamas, sacred self-care is of the utmost importance to ensure that you feel your abolsute best, and in turn, you can be the most loving, patient, present mama you aspire to be. We all know just how much you give of yourself as a woman, and especially a mother, which can be incredibly draining if you're not able to restore your own energy and care for yourself lovingly, consistently, intentionally and sacredly.

When I’ve coached beautiful mothers and step-mothers, the goals we explore can be diverse, from career, money, business, health and much more. Yet at the very heart of it all, whatever the goal, it always comes back to a core desire to feel the most self-loving, and well as possible. To feel acknowledged, cherished, supported and worthy. To be confident in your ability to remain grounded, calm, and capable of soothing yoursef even on a hard day. 10 Steps To Sacred Self-Care gives ⁣⁣you these tools and insights, and a practical way to implement your chosen rituals throughout the month.



This beautifully designed 40-page eBook equips you with knowledge, ideas and practical tools to prioritise simple self-care rituals that suit you, and are easy to prioritise in your busy family lifestyle. 


Let go of the shoulds and obligations, and tune into what feels nourishing and restorative to you, in easy, simple ways. Find time for yourself or get your family involved, sacred self-care doesn't have to be hard to come by - in fact I'm here to help you find beautiful and easy ways to care for your whole self, which allows you to support your family from a place of love.


What's inside?

  • The importance of self-care, particularly for busy, giving, juggling mamas;
  • How to create a beautiful sacred space to unwind in and why this matters to your sacred self-care;
  • Discover your own sacred self-care archetype;
  • Pages of easy, simple and sacred self-care rituals which nourish all aspects of you: emotional, mental, physical and social, and spiritual;
  • Create your own self-care menu. Curate options which you can select from whether you have 5 minutes or a whole day. This tool helps you create your most loving, personalised plan to take the thinking & guilt out of prioritising you;
  • Your ideal planner to help you to consider best times for different sacred self-care rituals;
  • Journal prompts to dig deeper and cultivate self-awareness and compassion. Deepen your connection to yourself and feel empowered to set firmer boundaries to better support yourself & your family;
  • Three guided audio meditations to download and listen to anytime. Each track has a different purpose, so choose which suits you in the moment, including a guided release ritual empowering you to free yourself of any limiting beliefs and make way for new positive intentions;
  • A guide to why tracking your cycle is so insightful, how you can harness your inner feminine powers, and how to live in amazing alignment with the four seasons of your cycle;
  • Your cycle tracker to unlock the secrets to your own cycle;
  • Two pages of additional resources which inspired me: take your learning to new heights; and
  • A print and keep cheat-sheet reminding you of the 10 steps to incredible, sacred self-care!


Download your workbook to keep forever - viewable on your computer, mobile device, or print and keep. 


So much love to you,

Charlotte X

Sister Souls 



About Charlotte 

Charlotte Pointeaux is a Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Sacred Sister Circle Facilitator,

moon lover, dreamer, passionate sacred self-carer, and mama of 3 little ones.

She helps soulful women like you tune into your innate feminine power, shake off the shame & shoulds of societal conditioning, and create your most soul-inspired, self-loving, and vibrant life possible.


Charlotte's mission is for every woman, especially mothers, to feel supported to cultivate a beautifully inspired life which celebrates how much your family means to you AND your desire for a deeper life purpose, whether it be through running an incredibly fulfilling business, finding your dream career, or being a stay at home mama. 


Whichever way you do it, you deserve to find balance, calm and joy, and Charlotte is here to help you thrive as both a magick mama and a divine, sovereign woman in your own right through her individual coaching and sacred circles. 


The Sister Souls Guide: 10 Steps To Sacred Self-Care For Mamas


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